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Keeping it Simple!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Allison Bodenweiser, CEO of Watermark Accounting Inc. Welcome to the world of accurate bookkeeping, accounting software configuration including but not limited to design, implementation, maintenance and file restoration aka “crash and burn projects”. These are Watermark Accounting Inc. specialties. Our team creates strong managerial reports. User friendly environments are our primary goals. Striving to “keep it simple” from the start of data entry to financial reporting to the tax preparation package, that is who we are. Thanks for visiting!

Covid-19 and or File Security Concerns ?

Rest assured that we take your safety seriously! We have been working remotely for over 20 years, well before the pandemic started. We are fully equipped to handle your project remotely, with zero physical contact to you or your staff. As Doberman fanciers, we consider our file security paramount and hope our Doberman “mascot” reflects the seriousness in which we take file security.


Allison Bodenweiser

My Career

Things I enjoy include my faith life, reading, caring for my wonderful dogs and anything equestrian. Additionally, I am a musician and play both piano and flute. So, if you are familiar with how to read music, you know that in keeping time, aka keeping the beat, it is all about counting. Musicians and Accountants both count, count, count. It is built into your system and deeply innate. Additionally, I am involved with several charitable organizations. I serve in a Director capacity, pro bono on several boards and or Finance Councils. All are recognized 501c3 organizations, some requiring 990 filings. I am a co-Founder and current CFO of the 501c3 charitable organization; Dobermans in a Pinsch Inc., a calling I am delighted to serve and that rings deeply true in my heart.


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