We are here to assist you. We strive to keep it simple. We provide your business with strong, efficient, simple (as simple as we can make it) bookkeeping, accounting software and financial support. We offer data entry level to executive level assistance. Step one, we assign a dedicated point of contact as well as structured meetings at your desired cadence. We support our clients via email, phone, and video calls to deliver a more holistic service in conjunction with our efforts to support a clean environment.

We prefer to automate and streamline as much as possible to reduce manually intensive processes, improve accuracy, and save more time for value-adding activities. We do this through internal best practices, leveraging direct integrations, and by building customer platforms to bridge any gaps and or fill any and all black holes.

Watermark Accounting Incorporated IS your partner. Our goal is to help you succeed, not just as you start up or prepare for retirement, we are here for the long haul.

Step One: Identify The Puzzle Pieces

A box full of receipts, dozens of invoices and statements, unidentified deposits to the bank account, charges on credit cards, open receivables from years ago….Puzzle pieces are what we live for. We will take that box of receipts, sort them, key them, and code them to provide the best possible set of managerial, job costing, historical and or tax preparation set of financial statements. We Will Keep It Simple.

Step Two: The Financial Reports

Once the puzzle pieces are identified we are ready to decide what type of financial reporting is best for you. This is a critical decision. The budget, the goals, the history, after the fact or perpetual, is the company accrual or cash? Do we need a hybrid? What system are we on today? Is current staff in need of additional training? What information is meaningful, comprehensive and meets GAAP and tax preparation guidelines. Once those decisions are made, we are ready to balance your accounts and prepare reports. Also, we can start with “canned reports” and explore custom reports as needed. Not everything has to be customized. Sometimes if you have some creativity at the Chart of Accounts level, that may be all that is necessary to provide your business with information that is solid in conjunction with informational. Lets Keep it Simple.



Our definition of standard reporting is as follows: 

  • Recording and reconciling bank, credit card, and payment processor activity.
  • Restoration aka Crash and Burn projects
  • Supervision or data entry of accounts payable and accounts receivable management.
  • Month-end reconciliation of balance sheet accounts
  • Expertise in restricted and dedicated funds
  • Adjusting journal entries.
  • Purchase order management, inventory costing, and inventory reconciliation.
  • Recurring state and local tax work.
  • Payroll entries and or support on how to choose a payroll processor
  • Contingent on where your files live, month-end, quarterly, after the fact, annual and perpetual financial reporting available. You choose. We will work with you to establish your needs based on the variables of budget, managerial reporting, and governmental guidelines. We can design the project so you can see your numbers on the fly, IF that is what you want. The sky is the limit. Your call. We are here to serve.


A Controller oversees the entire accounting and reporting process. This typically overlays our bookkeeping and accounting service, but we are more than happy to serve as an outsourced Controller to your current bookkeeper or in-house accountant. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly financial reporting and analysis.
  • Performance of a formal, month-end close.
  • Crafting budgets and projections.
  • Implementing and monitoring internal controls and compliance procedures with best business practices and GAAP guideline in place.
  • Software implementation and integration support. See list of software expertise below
  • Accounting team assistance and training.
  • Cash flow budgeting and management.
  • Fundraising for the 501c3 communities.
  • Forecasting and strategic planning.


Our master development services leverage the data from fundamentally sound accounting in order to provide you with information to make informed business decisions. We provide expert level services including but not limited to:

  • Initial COA structure- does it provide you with the information you NEED?
  • Data entry methodology with an explanation to WHY it is important.
  • Custom reporting based on your needs, managerial or otherwise
  • Restoration of files (if possible) aka crash and burn projects
  • Implementation, file maintentance
  • Ongoing 24/7 support for those “one off” moments (many of those one off moments are provided complimentary in support of our commitment to YOUR SUCCESS is OUR SUCCESS



ADP/Paychex/IOI Payroll — Sage/Mas90/Mas200/Business Works — Sage 50/Peachtree — Turbo Tax/LaCerte — JD Edwards — AMSI — Timberline — Skyline — QuickBooks/Pro/Premier/Fundraising — Soloman — Platinum — ACT — One Write Plus/Check Writing Plus — Black Baud(nonprofit) — FACTS Accounting Software — Private School Aid Software — Private School Aid Software — Parish Soft/PDS Software — Online Giving/Greater Giving — Smart Tuition Software — Secure Pay/Positive Pay.

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