Our mission is to provide the “reach for the stars” level of professional services. The niche we focus on includes; creative entrepreneurs, family owned business (we are a family owned business and understand the unique characterizations of the family) along with small to mid-sized businesses. We do provide services to those with emergency needs. To us this means updating the way we conduct business. No unnecessary printing, we don’t waste energy by leaving the lights on in an empty room. We diligently work directly with our community to lessen our impact on the earth, especially the ocean. We contemplate our output and the impact to the environment well before we produce anything tangible. Environmental impact and damage comes before profit for us. We are here to support the clean, healthy and well balanced future for our children.


Supporting charitable causes is in our blood. We commit the first hour of every week to charitable entities. Everyone on the team participates. Current recipients of these donations, include animal rescue and breed preservation, prevention of child abuse, Catholic Charities, teen programs and ocean conservation. We deeply encourage their work and support under-served populations, wildlife, and the environment.

Conducting business online/remotely for the last 20 years, we utilize our ability to have minimal impact on the world by providing hosted environment, cloud-based, or C Drive aka login to your system accounting. We use all LED lighting in our offices. We have some solar based/powered equipment. Carbon debt is considerably reduced if we keep our paper product use down. IF we use paper, it is ALWAYS used twice, front and back.

Since inception, Watermark Accounting Incorporated in conjunction with The Bodenweiser Group has offered reduced rates to all 501c3 entities, including but not limited to a minimum of one hour of consultation to help determine needs and create a plan. This happens whether we land the project or we don’t. Your success is our success.